Ad Partners leads the evening news after filming highly unusual scene on local expressway

Recently we asked the creative department to come up with a way to promote its creative and production capabilities via film. Our creative team responded by going out of the box … and on to the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway.

Crazy? Maybe. But our creative folks insisted on pushing the envelope in order to demonstrate just how far we're willing to go for clients. To that end, the film’s opening scene features an executive creative office, set smack dab in the middle of the Selmon Expressway.

“And that’s just the film’s opening scene! The film has a lot more surprises in store,” says Skeek Allen, Ad Partners creative director. “As an agency, we are in the business of using creativity to garner attention for our clients. What better way to show prospects how effective we can be than to take a dose of our own medicine.”

In addition to special permitting and approvals, the film also required the safety of extra-duty police officers to block both entrances of the Selmon, while a third served as chaperone during the film shoot, which lasted 4 hours.

Several television stations covered the shoot including Fox 13, which made it their lead story of the 6pm evening news. Other stations airing segments include WTSP Channel 10, Bay News 9 and Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend show on ABC.

Stay tuned for updates on our film’s upcoming release!

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