Our true history began nearly a quarter century ago with Amscot. Upon forging that first client relationship, our founder
went on to handpick a senior team now known as Ad Partners. Most of us have worked side by side for more than a decade
(rare in our industry). In that time we’ve learned a thing or two about partnerships … and what it takes to nurture them.  

Tony Ceresoli II 

Founder • President

A 30-year industry veteran, Tony has always believed that strong relationships can produce exceptional outcomes on both sides of the table. Ad Partners’ remarkable track record for both Client and Associate retention are proof that we endure because we remain an agency of substance. Our founder’s mantra: “Live up to the agency name. The rest will take care of itself.” 

Darlene Levi  

EVP • Managing Director

Darlene has more than 25 years managing national campaigns in every category from barbecue to pharmaceuticals. Previously she was a lead account director at Doner when it reigned as the country’s largest independent ad agency. Her mantra: “Give us a serious challenge, then stand back. You’ll be amazed by what this team can do.” 

Skeek Allen 

VP • Executive Creative Director

An award-winning writer and director, Skeek has spent two decades bringing ideas to life, always with a clear purpose and a strong creative vision. Very few ad agency creative directors have his experience on set leading large-scale TV/ digital campaigns. To date, he’s written and directed 400+ commercials and counting. His mantra: “Make every second count.”  

Dennis Garcia 

Creative Director

Design and advertising powerhouse with numerous international campaigns to his credit, he is accomplished in all mediums from illustration to motion graphics. His out-of-the-box thinking is a vital ingredient in the agency’s secret sauce. His mantra: “If you have to talk about how good the work is, then it probably isn’t good enough.”

Jonni Watts 

Director of Video Production

Writer. TV Editor. Producer. Prop Master. Former agency owner. Jonni is a rare species in our industry – able to do a lot of things very, very well. Her job can depend on the project or the day or the hour. She’s known best for putting Culpepper Kurland on the map. Her mantra: “Some people are the bricks. I am the mortar.””

Crissia Reay 

Senior Web and Mobile Apps Developer

Crissia is a guru’s guru. From complex app development to backend programming, she can build anything. And if it doesn’t exist yet, that’s not a problem either. Mobile gaming to custom inventory management, she’s a true Jedi master. Her mantra: “Never compromise until you absolutely must. Start with what you REALLY want.”

Heather Jones  

Digital Media Manager

In the every-shifting, moment-by-moment world of digital advertising, Heather is the calm chess master commanding the board move by move, digital channel by digital channel. It’s a fast game. She can think even faster. Her mantra: “Digital is like NASCAR. You don’t have to lead the whole race, just be in front when it counts most.”

Say “Hi.”

Don’t be shy. Say “Hi” and we’ll say it back. It’s not a commitment. It’s more like dipping your toe in the pool to see if the water feels nice. 

Ad Partners