Freedom Health is a leading Medicare Advantage Plan. For 10 years, they’ve relied on Ad Partners to get more seniors picking up the phone during open enrollment. These calls are a vital source of sales leads for Freedom, so we aim to increase their call volumes each year with smartly crafted TV commercials and Infomercials. To date we’ve achieved increases in excess of 40% in a single year.

When competing against giants like Humana, you have to come across like a winner.

Why bore the audience
when you can relate to them?

After developing best-in-category TV campaigns, Freedom tasked us with taking on their print advertising. Most competitor ads are filled with ho-hum stock imagery and a boring approach to messaging. It’s no wonder most Medicare Advantage ads are so forgettable.
To break through, we developed “The Grumps” campaign, zeroing in on common frustrations seniors have regarding healthcare and positioning Freedom as a potential game changer.

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