AP nabs nearly 1.8 million YouTube views (and still climbing) for a recent commercial

A recent commercial created and produced by Ad Partners for an agency client titled “The Power To Act” is living up to its namesake in more ways than one.

Not only does the spot introduce viewers to a family dealing with a tough situation many families encounter, the commercial demonstrates how a compelling visual story has the “power to engage” any audience – Internet users included.

Fact is, Internet “TV Commercials” have far more pressure to be "interesting" because Internet users are a tougher audience.

In a nutshell, consumers who are watching their favorite TV show via television are passively receiving commercials because they’re a commonly accepted part of the viewing experience (and have been for decades). In the world of the Internet, users only encounter “TV Ads” here and there as they actively pursue different types of content, often engaging in multiple searches for multiple reasons. Essentially, the task of engaging Internet users is harder because they’re more distracted.

Hard, yes. But not impossible. Simply put, “TV Creative” that pulls double duty on the Internet must capture the user’s interest and attention, while never losing site of the advertising message.

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