New Vigo campaign boosts website traffic a whopping 673% in 1 week

AP’s recent “Vigo Takes You Home” campaign has served up some delicious results for our client, Vigo Foods. The winning recipe? Emotional storytelling combined with intelligent media planning. In the first week of launching the online campaign, Vigo’s website traffic increased a whopping 673% …and no, we didn’t forget to add a decimal point anywhere.

Our media folks will continue monitoring results daily as the Pre-roll / Facebook campaign continues delivering its one-two punch. (For anyone unfamiliar with the term, “pre-roll” refers to online commercials that play before the video content you’ve clicked on can begin.)

Our team is also thrilled to see that our commercials aren’t just a blip on the screen as folks skip through to their content. Metrics are revealing a 63.6% completion rate, meaning 63.6% of all viewers who are exposed to the commercials are choosing to watch them entirely rather than skipping over them when given the chance to do so.

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