What’s better than winning a big award? Receiving it from the client!

Left to right: Darlene Levi, EVP & Managing Director; Katherine Smith, Media Director; Skeek Allen, VP & Executive Creative Director; Tony Ceresoli, President; Heather Boggs, Chief Marketing Officer at FSC Franchise Co.

We’ve won our fair share of industry awards … but receiving one from a long-time client at their national conference is truly special. Recently Ad Partners was named 2021 Support Partner of the Year by FSC Franchise Co., the parent company of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s and Brass Tap. 
“We couldn’t feel more thankful,” says Darlene Levi, our agency’s Executive Vice President & Managing Director, who oversees both accounts in addition to others. “We’ve been working with these brands for more than a decade and really take pride in seeing their success.”
Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has 142 locations in 21 states and is one of the largest family sports pub chains in the country. Brass Tap has 44 locations in 16 states and is one of the nation’s largest Craft Beer Bar and Entertainment franchises. Both brands are major players in Florida.
“We rely on Ad Partners in different areas,” says Heather Boggs, CMO at FSC Franchise Co.  “From developing an app for the Brass Tap that manages a database of over 50,000 craft beers … to producing imaginative TV campaigns that position Beef’s as a value leader ... the Ad Partners team always delivers.”  
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