Who says you can’t create a campaign
within a campaign?

Every TV/Digital campaign we create for Amscot Financial has a host of unexpected creative goodies (robots, money order fairies, break dancers) in commercials touting everything from electronic bill pay services to check cashing.

This time, Amscot wanted to focus exclusively on its loan products. Our challenge? Delineating the newer “Installment Cash Advance” product from a traditional Amscot Cash Advance since commercials for both products may run in the same commercial break. 

Our solution? We made each “Installment Cash Advance” commercial feel like a mini episode in an ongoing narrative that features a charismatic Amscotter (in blue glasses of course) and a movie marquis that emphasizes the commonsense benefits inherent within the installment product. The result is a stylistic approach that breaks through instantly.     
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