How a real-life agent inspired a TV commercial… and wound up starring in it, too.

Sometimes you find star power in unexpected places. Back in 2021, we were shooting an infomercial for Optimum HealthCare and interviewing several members and agents to hear their stories. One of those agents was Nick Verrengia. Five minutes into the interview we knew Nick and his story were meant for TV. 

Fast forward to the fall of 2022 … when Nick and his story took center stage in one of Optimum’s newest – and most compelling – TV commercials. In the spot, Nick talks about being an Optimum member before ever becoming an agent. He’d been in the hospital with bills totaling in the hundreds of thousands – but thanks to Optimum, his portion was less than $500. After that experience Nick came out of retirement to become an Optimum agent himself. “I just wanted to help people,” says Nick. 

Ad Partners Writer/Director Skeek Allen was certain Nick’s story would be a homerun. 

“It was more than just his story. Nick is very sincere and warm. It’s pure magic when you find someone like that whom you know will be relatable to viewers. Thankfully, Nick was willing to step up to the plate in front of a full film crew to get the job done. He was so open and directable it’s hard to believe he’s not a professional actor.”

It just goes to show … you never know where … and how … inspiration will strike. 
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