When exploring a brand’s future possibilities, it’s important to remain true to its soul. 

Over a decade ago, Kelapo needed to go beyond its “startup looks” to achieve a more established, premium-looking brand identity. Because Sri Lanka plays a core role in Kelapo’s heritage and manufacturing processes, agency Creative Director Dennis Garcia incorporated an Asian elephant (common in Sri Lanka) to give Kelapo an instantly discernable identity.

Today, the brand has added many new products under the Kelapo umbrella. Eyeing new vistas, Kelapo executives wanted to see what the evolution of their brand might look like. So, Mr. Garcia rolled up his sleeves once more, reimagining the Kelapo elephant, also drawing inspiration from the geometrical configuration of a mandala, another connection to Eastern culture. The illustrations and taglines seen here were part of the team’s exploration.  
We enjoy assignments like this because it requires knowledge and understanding of design history, a command of multiple styles, and the ability to combine them thoughtfully and respectfully.          
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