New Beef’s Campaign bowls over audiences to pin down serious comp sales increases.  

In the universe of consumer advertising, it’s nearly impossible to bowl a perfect game – but that’ll never stop our agency from aiming directly for it. And sometimes, when the promotion strategy, creative execution and guest experience all line up just right … magic happens.

But let’s rewind to the start of this story. Last Fall when the Beef’s team scheduled a strategy session with our agency seeking first-quarter ideas for 2023, Ad Partners got the ball rolling. Beef’s is a brand known for value, so our account director, Darlene, led the charge, combing the menu for various value angles that would appeal to consumers, among them a promotion touting ten entrees for just $10. When we pitched it to CEO Chris Elliott and CMO Heather Boggs along with two pages of additional thought-starters … both executives immediately zeroed in on 10@$10.  

We knew this would be a winner,” says Boggs. “Especially with inflation pinching everyone’s wallet, the timing for 10@$10 was perfect.”

Next, we started development on a creative campaign including two 15-second TV/Digital commercials that could convey the message succinctly and memorably

“When you have a strong value driven message with an incredible price point, driving traffic is a must,” says Darlene. “Beef’s loves all the new faces they’re seeing.”

Skeek, our resident writer and director, agrees. “The spots needed to be extremely focused. The A spot features a 'bowling concept' with a perfect strike taking down all 10 pins and segueing to an entrée lineup in the same bowling pin formation. The B spot features judges unanimously scoring a perfect 10 and other clever visuals pushing the ‘ten’ hook."

That sounds great on paper, but producing national-caliber creative takes different types of talent. Skeek wrote and directed the commercials, casting characters including our “flashy bad-boy bowler” and our “sassy smartphone diva” to reflect confident customers in charge of their own destinies and their own pockets … who know a “10” when they see it.

Dennis, our agency’s visual powerhouse, then crafted stunning virtual environments branded with Beef’s signature green. This requires equal amounts of artistry and technical acumen. Finally, Jonni, our veteran in-house editor, negotiated frame by frame to make every second of TV/Digital airtime count.

“Having this level of in-house talent means we can swing for the fences without budget limitations,” says Skeek. “We’re a tight-knit unit and I think it shows in the work.”

The most important part? Our client’s scorecard says Darlene. At the end of the day, it’s not a win for the agency unless it’s a win for the client.

Boggs, who is constantly in communication with franchisees who are rolling out 10@$10 across the chain, says: "We expected a strong promotion, but it's taking on a life of its own."

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